A major responsive site of many pages. Especially important here was universal access. This charity has many clients with autism problems, hence the choice of soft colouring, especially cream and a soft pink, very autism-friendly. And see at the start of each page you can adjust the text size too.

The NEWS section is a blog (the stock-in-trade for WordPress), which the charity staff maintain (very well too!). WordPress allows the staff to login and do stuff themselves. It’s great where info changes often, like the jobs section.

There is also a whole INTRANET section, reached from a small link at the bottom of each page It has a mass of policy and other documents, and what files you see depends on your staff grade, and place in the organisation. Each person logs in and only sees the docs assigned to them. Really powerful, and actually quite easy to set up if you need it.

‘Responsive’ means it does all the adjusting for screen sizes nicely. Scroll down to see the site, or if you’re a small screen, you may prefer to…


The Old Post Office Cottage,
Putley Green,
Ledbury HR8 2QN

Robin and Marion Jones:

t: 01531 670809


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