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Robin and Marion Jones, Croque-en-Bouche,

Old Post Office Cottage, Putley Green, Ledbury HR8 2QN. t: 01531 670809   f. 0870 7066282

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We don’t just have hotel and restaurant clients, some great (four with Michelin stars), some aspiring. There’s also B&B’s, financial services, two  charitable organisations, toilet hire,

a telecoms company,

publisher, firewood factor, bakery, lawyers, plumber, kitchen designer and several(!) mobile fridge operators.

Thanks for visiting. The best way to judge us as web guys is to judge the work. So...

We do websites for business, plus wine list and menu design for food and wine related businesses, especially restaurants and hotels. We do sites that look to be attractive, accurate, communicate and profitable for you! And we have also designed several award-winning wine lists. We can proudly state that we have never advertised or ‘cold-called’ potential customers. Nearly all have come from personal recommendation by existing clients, or quite often from someone seeing one of my existing sites, and fancying some of that.

And the big news currently is ‘mobile websites’. Whilst the percentages are quite small, smart phone vs. regular computer browsing, it must grow, and for certain businesses can be invaluable. If your business is say a hotel, a mobile site might just attract someone on the move and looking for accommodation using their phone. And you might just fill a room that would have stayed empty! Mobile sites are small and quick loading and they must adapt to different screen sizes, and... they must automatically load when a phone user goes to the regular site. To see how it works look at the Tudor Farmhouse Hotel page to see the regular, and then compare with the mobile one. If you have a smartphone, just search Google for ‘tudor farmhouse’.

We were restaurateurs who became wine merchants, and then got into websites and design. And this is our own website, where we display our wares, and play around a bit! And this time round it’s crumpled paper!

Croque-en-Bouche used to be a quite famous, small restaurant! Michelin star - 22 years, Good Food Guide 8/10. Just my wife, Marion and me, Robin. Read more about the restaurant. But we’ve done with that. Since 2002 we have done websites and design for a small number of clients. The slant has been towards food/wine-based companies, where we have expertise and experience. Though the gamut of our experience is quite wide these days. More on e-commerce.

Developing a site usually raises related design issues, concerning promotional stuff and logos; and often menus and wine lists for restaurants and hotels. The work all overlaps, so that total costs are never crazy. And once set up, a site needs hosting. We have a top quality server online for hosting. More about hosting.

If you want the world to find you on the web, then technically, you better look nice to the search engines, and the few unfortunates not on, or with slow, broadband. This means not too much flashy stuff and graphic images, and lots of nice relevant basic text.

See search-engine info. You can also see some web tips.

Style matters, but not over substance!

Notable websites include an international charity, Children of Peace. Not only is this a large site but it needed to be ‘code-compliant’ and ‘accessible’. I test all our sites for W3C compliancy but there was very little ‘bending the rules’ for this one. And ‘accessible’ means the site shows well on odd browsers, you can navigate without the mouse, and if you increase the text sizes the site stays useable. All sites are legally obliged to follow the guidelines of the Disabilities Act 1995, but most only nod to it (severely cramps one’s style!). I learnt a lot of new stuff!

See all about our sites.

Re. wines and wine lists, The Angel Hotel in Abergavenny has Awards of Excellence 2005 - 2013 for its wine list - my work, 100 of my wines - from the world’s top wine magazine, ‘Wine Spectator’. 25 UK winners, only two in Wales! Since 2002, this hotel has been transformed.

I looked after the now-retired Merchant House wine list in Ludlow for Shaun Hill. I added some wines and gave the list style. It won an AA Wine list of the Year. Pretty good for a list of under 90 wines. Now Shaun is running The Walnut Tree near Abergavenny, and I work on that list. Read about my wine list work. You can also see some wine list and menu tips.

And lastly, I think we offer value-for-money. If you want to ask any of our existing customers, please do! I’m sure they will give you frank opinions! You can check our charges here.


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